Landing Pages

sales-pageOne of the first actions to take after creating your website is to promote it and there is no tool more effective than the ads. But ads by themselves will not make your site known; these should lead to a page other than yours that encourages, persuades and/or encourages your visitors to act. Landing pages or sales pages do this and we have a group of creative designers ready to come up with beautifully yet aggressive landing pages that would make any visitor to take “action”.

Banner Ads

Banner-design-iconBanner ads are widely considered as the most visible advertisements online. This would be mainly down to the fact that they are on almost every page of the internet and usually contain a highly eye-catching use of imagery that attracts other users attention.

Email Marketing

e-mailEmail has changed a lot in the last few years and it is no longer about exchanging messages. In recent years, it has become an indispensable tool in the proliferation of products and services. We take care of creating beautiful graphic designs as well as mass sending while you are risk free of the much-feared spam. We’ll help you “spread the word”.

Social Media Advertisement & Target Marketing


People who use social networks store various information about themselves. This stored information allows advertising to specific target groups. We create ads that reach people who are interested in your products or services, tailored to their gender, taste or location.

Community or Social Media Management

1350917974_social_balloon-04We help manage communities of all sizes by doing everything from negotiating service contracts and communications to collections and financial reporting. Social media has become the go-to channel for customer care, content curation and branding for modern businesses.

Multimedia Viral Marketing

talkinghistory-megaphoneWe specialize in a Viral marketing technique that induces websites or users to pass on a marketing messages to other sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message’s visibility and effect. We design and distribute videos, animations, images of all shapes and sizes based on the social media demographics and preference of your choice.

Shopping Carts

empty-shopping-cart-iconInstallation and configuration of your Shopping Carts. Includes inventory management, advanced reports, handling and shipping, history of purchases by customer, promotions and offers, structure of price per packages, multiple currencies, zones, returns of merchandise, system of sections, partial payments, referral system and more 310 more features.

Payments based on Quotations

money-iconNothing better for travel agencies where there is no certainty of availability. Your agents can accept requests for quotes, then confirm with the hotels, tour operators etc. and finally send your client an email with a link that takes them to a web page with the details of the quote, terms and conditions, and a button ready to pay with secure access, expiration date and restriction of payment attempts.

Reservation Engines

Calendar-iconThe perfect tool for resorts, hotels and beach houses. We install and configure your reservation platform with flexibility to establish different rules, prices, seasonal rates, discounts, vouchers, etc. Notifications in monitors, emails, mobile and tablets, among others.

Payment Gateway Integration

credit-cards-iconAllow your customers to pay by credit card directly to your Bank account in Panama. If you already have a shopping cart, accept orders or issue reservations and all you need to do is collect, in order to have the complete solution, Look no more. We will help you finally do what you always wanted to do … collect online via a Panamanian bank.

Online Orders for Shipping

credit-cards-icon (1)If your company is dedicated to home delivery, look no further. We will help your web site have everything you need to get your orders sorted by order of arrival, integration with google maps, etc. The next time you’re asked if your company accepts home orders online or if you want to accept orders for products or services … this time say yes.

Product Catalogs

Man-DBrown-iconFor those companies that only need data capturing who understand e-commerce enough to create product catalogs, price them, categorize their pricing structure, package their composite products; we have highly efficient staff to meet this need.

Keywords Analytics

Line-Chart-iconWe help you with the process of identifying the terms (words-phrases) that users utilize in search engines to find the niche that your company is targets. The goal is to drive traffic to your website through keyword positioning strategies.

Link Building & Page Ranking

16Popularity is one of the most effective ways to get your keyword linked to your site. And there is nothing that is more popular than an website have a section that speaks well of your product or service. We have strategies and tools to make high page rank websites link back to your website using the keywords under which you want to be recognized online.

Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics


Many companies that have web presence make the mistake of not measuring results. After all, why invest in a website that does not do its job? That’s why we install and configure Google Webmaster Tools traffic metric tools on your websites so you know exactly what parts are successful so you can plan changes in those parts that do not meet your expectations.

Monitoring, Stats & W3C

Pie-Chart-iconDo not even think for a minute that a site that looks good on the outside looks just as good on the inside. Imagine a car with good paint, but with a dirty and worn out machine. Search engines do not care if your site is pretty or ugly; they are only interested in the content being relevant and there is nothing uglier for a search engine than looking for relevant content in a tangle of badly structured code. We have code and structure analysis tools that will not only let you know if your site is “dirty” but will reveal the actions to be taken to “clean” it and meet the standard in this area, known as W3C.

Website Maps & Indexing

Google-Maps-iconGenerally, search engines have different methods of visiting your site and let the world know of your website’s existence, but this not always happens as you would expect as they do not always recognize all your web pages. That’s why we have routines that inspect your site and create virtual maps that are then sent to the crawlers of each search engine. The goal is to make the most of your content available to search engines and to achieve better positioning for your keywords.

Content Optimization, Structure & Coding

chartSometimes content, however good and relevant it seems, does not catch the attention of search engines. This usually happens because perhaps this content “is not where it should be” or maybe your “code is in the way” not allowing content to be reached by search engines. Our content analysts will lend you a hand to set your content free.

Setup Full HD Broadcast Server

server-iconMany free tools allow you to broadcast your live videos or webcam, but this has a cost, and is giving advertisers permission to contaminate everything with an endless number of irrelevant ads. If you take seriously the concept of Live Streaming, say goodbye to these infinite number of ads and change to dedicated streaming servers where not only will you notice that your video will be clear and uninterrupted but you can proudly tell your customers that it has a completely high definition: Full 1080p.

Setup Live Online TV stations

livetvIf you have dreamed of having your own TV channel with your own programming, advertising, etc., but you can not cover the high costs of air transmissions, stop dreaming and make it happen. We have the equipment, the knowledge and the perfect configuration that will make traditional competitors tremble with fear. Ask us about our LIVE TV packages and choose the one that best fits your needs; Sky is the limit.

Broadcasting Camera Setups

camcorder-iconIf you already have high definition cameras, ask us about installing devices that would allow them to broadcast what they record to live broadcast servers. We have technology that will allow you to do this either via WiFi or 3G / 4G. Let us know your make and model of camcorder and we will gladly quote you different solutions according to your needs.

Setup Live Radio Stations

vector-djIf you have dreamed of having your own radio station, being a DJ for your own station and being the one who charges for ads instead of paying for them, wake up! We are here to bring your dreams come true with a huge range of equipment and configurations that one day would make you ask yourself: Why didn’t I do this before?

Outdoors Broadcasting

043346-blue-jelly-icon-sports-hobbies-people-woman-runnerWhat if you want to cover an outdoor sporting event, fashion show or maybe a wedding that you do not want anyone to miss but there is no WiFi network at your fingertips? We have the perfect solution so that no one misses any single transmission, whether in an office or in the middle of a busy street. And of course, in Full HD.

Recording, Production, Post-Editing & Embedding

video-editingIf you want to make money in the world of streaming videos, but do not want to be an expert on it, do not worry because that’s what we are for. Leave us the dirty work of recording, editing, subtitling, creating effects, etc. and do to what you like to do best: MAKE MONEY!

Virtual Actors on your Website

dave_actingTired of the same sites over and over again? Well, maybe your customers are too, so why not give a spark of life to your website using live actors? This consists of actors and professional models who will dress in the clothes you want, say what you want on your website in a non-intrusive way, while your customer is browsing at the same time. Take advantage of this great feature by advertising, promoting and selling your products and services in the most professional way known to websites.

Green Screen Spokesperson

mujerWhether you record yourself or have no one to do it for you,  we will take care of filming you or professional actors in special green background, with everything from lighting to HD cameras and of course we will integrate your production to your website and replace the green screen background with any kind of media source (images, video clips, images, and/ voiceover audio clips).

Voice Over & Subtitling

66151678557571516Have you ever been shocked by the deep and compelling voices of a radio or television ads? Or maybe you fell in love with the sweet voice of a woman promoting your favorite product? Well there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be within your reach and especially on your website. We have an incredible list of speakers that will help you take your sales to the next level. If your challenge is just overlaying subtitles, no problem. We do that too!

Transcription, Direction & Scenery

director_sitIf you prefer to leave the creative part to us, rest easy because we will not only manage content generation, transcriptions, recording, editing, special effects, etc. and publish on your website, but also deal with the management and contracting of models/actors, scenery, costumes, visual quality, sound engineering, etc.

Proprietary Video Embedding

Play-iconIf you are one of those who do not like your videos to say Youtube or Vimeo anywhere, and instead actually own them, have your logo on them, show them only on your website, we have the ideal way to create your video blog, video gallery on your own server(s). Ask us to help you choose the system that best suits your needs.

Multilingual Actors

multi-languageYour video clips don’t have to be limited by geographics. We offer you the possibility to clone any production in any of the 25 languages ​​that we handle, as we have actors, actresses, models and directors for each language. In a globalized world where so many communication barriers have been broken, do not let your company get beat by the language barrier. That’s what we are here for!

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